Lazar Art Advisory is a full-service art advisory based in Chicago. We make sure that your needs, your purpose and your budget are well understood. Accordingly, we will research to deliver the best available outcome. Our advice is always fact-based and we make these facts fully available to our customers. Our full range of services allows us to guarantee continuity in the service quality throughout your project in an efficient way.


Our services range from selecting art to building and maintaining art collections, locating pieces, commissioning pieces, negotiating, pricing, appraising and installing. Our fee structure too is fully transparent and is solely based on the work performed so we are fully incentivized in providing you the best possible deals.


Art sourcing, selection and acquisition for a wide array of budgets. Fully researched and fact-based recommendations

Building and maintenance of art collections Overview of collections, development, maintenance and storage solutions

Art commissioning Providing clients with the best selection of artists and projects tailor-made for their needs

Sales Fully researched determination of proper timing and means of sales

Identifying and locating desired works

Appraisal and valuation of art works

Installation and framing services to best feature the art and fit within given space

Guided tours and speaking engagements customized talks in public and private settings, customized guided exhibition or gallery tours. 




Ariela Lazar (PhD 1994) is the founder of Lazar Art Advisory LLC. She has served clients both from the corporate and non-profit worlds as well private individuals. She has taught Philosophy at Stanford, Northwestern and, starting Fall 2015, at the University of Chicago (What Is Art? cross-listed in Philosophy, Art History and The Department of Visual Arts).